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Photo Contest Results
June winner - Amber Cagle - Squirrel
May winner
May winner
Sharon Finley - Raccoon
April Winner
April Winner
Kim West - Squirrel

Desi & Splinter


My name is Desi:I live with my brother Splinter. We were late fall babies so we have to be wintered over. We will be released in March when the trees sprout leaves so we will have food to eat.
I'm Splinter:I love walnuts.

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Story Book
Didi story
Didi story
Sometimes it takes a village to rehab a squirrel... Tha...
Sometimes it takes a village to rehab a squirrel
Sometimes it takes a village to rehab a squirrel
That was the case of Didi, a six week old female squirre...
It takes only a few weeks to rehab a cottontail; and alt...