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They were found on July 18th by a dog near a pool. The homeowner called the DFW Hotline the next day and a TMWR volunteer picked them up.
6 week old  Authur, Guinevere, and Marian. Their eyes open last week. They are starting to roam around, climb, and play. They look like little teddy bears.
Wow what a week, look how they have grown. We think Authur, Guinevere, and Marian are about 3-4 weeks old.
Look at what a difference a week makes! 7 week old Authur, Guinevere, and Marian. Their starting to eat solid food, climbing more, getting their balance, chewing on branches, and playing.
Laurel & Hardy are 6 weeks old.
Meet 8 week old Laurel and Hardy
Tammy is 10 weeks old.
More photos of summer/fall babies

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