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Wildlife Resources

Need more information? Follow the links below to additional resources.

Remember, if you need immediate help, please contact the DFW Coalition hotline at 1-972-234-9453. They are a local non profit organization whose volunteers will answer your questions. They will refer you to a wildlife rehabilitator if the animal you have is in need of care.

I Found a Baby Wild Animal. Does it Need Help?

Aside from obvious injury or distress, it can be dificult to detrmine if found animals really need the help of a rehabilitator. These links can help you decide.

DFW Wildlife Coalition - I Found a Baby Bird. Now What? (PDF)

DFW Wildlife Coalition - I Found a Baby Mammal. Now What? (PDF)

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory - You found a baby wild animal. What should you do?

The Humane Society of the United States - Found an Orphaned or Injured Baby Wild Animal?

paws.org - Found a Wild Animal?

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association - Wild orphans: To rescue or not? (PDF)

Wildlife Conflict

The Humane Society of the United States - General information on species and how to solve common problems.

911 Wildlife - Humane home evictions of wildlife

Other Resources

The Organism Glogster - Learn more about wildlife from our partnered school project.

Our Wildlife Glogster - Learn more about wildlife from our partnered school project.<

Roger's Wildlife - Local rehabilitation center for birds only. It is located south of Dallas.

Bat World - Information about bats.

Wildlife Hotline - 24 hour Wildlife Hotline of Missouri & Illinois.

Walkin' Wild Wildlife Rescue - Where you can find help for wild skunk rescue situations. Whether you have found orphans, or need advice or help for a rescue situation.

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association - The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association web site.

Texas Parks & Wildlife - The official Texas site with information and regulations regarding native wildlife. List of wildlife rehabilitators.

TMWR Facebook Page - The Texas Metro Wildlife Rehabilitators facebook page.

International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council - The official IWRC website.

The Humane Society of North Texas - The official HSNT website.

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Story Book
Didi story
Didi story
Sometimes it takes a village to rehab a squirrel... Tha...
Sometimes it takes a village to rehab a squirrel
Sometimes it takes a village to rehab a squirrel
That was the case of Didi, a six week old female squirre...
It takes only a few weeks to rehab a cottontail; and alt...